A horrified scream echoed through the night. After Izuku Midoriya was made to abandon his dream of becoming a hero, he coincidentally saves a little girl from villains by hiding her, and she starts living with him and his mother afterward. It hurts his chest whenever he thinks about it. Im not picking you up, Deku. He spat out curtly and turned back to watching TV, he could faintly hear everyone eating in the dining area. While Izuku Midoriya should have seen it coming and could have just prevented it from happening, and yet, here he was, as genius as he can be Izuku, also known to be as stupid as one could give credit to him. From the beginning, Katsuki and Izuku were friends. The account is clearly fake! tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia, Midoriya Izuku & Yagi Toshinori | All Might, Midoriya Izuku & Shigaraki Tomura | Shimura Tenko, First One For All User (My Hero Academia), AFO suffers almost as much as he deserves, One For All Quirk Haunted by Past One For All Users' Ghosts (My Hero Academia), Sensei | All for One is Mistaken for Hisashi Midoriya, Corrupt Hero Public Safety Commission (My Hero Academia), Izuku Midoriya is So Done: A Series of Oneshots, good ol' fashioned fluff (and some crack and whump) for the BNHA soul. Can be read alongside the other fics in this series, but is standalone. Ill do anything to make it up to you!, Anything, eh? Unlike canon, he's emotionally abusive rather than physically . I love it., All this is just the appetizer. Yoichi steepled his fingers. He didn't see a villain. female reader. He knew he couldnt accept the offer and live long enough to enjoy it, but that didnt make the decision any easier. ", "II feel the same way," Izuku added. "I can't believe we're still doing that.". I like both of you, as more than friends. Are we embarrassing All for One? Melissa asked, panic filling her voice. Tomura believes that its real? ", "Sounds like it's time for a break," Mina said as she saved their current work. "Stop it.". Later that evening the pair found Melissa locked in her lab and managed to coax her out. ", "Exactly! Everyone else can go eat breakfast if they havent. Recovery Girl assured and Bakugou snorted. Nervously biting his lip, he opened up a word document and began typing. Izuku insisted. A long hiss emerged from his mouth. After Kaachan started to bully him, he's been lonely playing by himself. Critique of League of Villains Performance, 1/5. Hed always been told his own fashion sense wasnt the best. "Great!" Or maybe, like today, it would be when she pulled up his old fanfiction archive account in the middle of class and started the lecture. Izuku Midoriya had taken his first step into the world of fanfiction. He had posted it right before leaving for his internship, but due to Gran Torino's rather brutal training, hadn't had a chance to see if anyone had commented yet. Her name was Uraraka Ochako. as well as After all, who would suspect that the author of Deku's fictional career was the actual hero Deku? Kaminari Will Never Have Children, Period. 119 Stories. Special shoutout goes to the amazing and talented Rainglows for doing art for this story. Princess Yaoyorozu Momo and Prince Bakugou Katsuki of two different Kingdoms from opposite sides of the map get roped into an unwanted arranged marriage with each other amidst a tumultuous war against a common enemy. Melissa said in exasperation before she looked at the other girl. "You two are amazing! Back from the grave when it comes to narrations but I'm giving this another go. Wont that story make him look good, though? Banjo asked. No, wait. "Hey, I didn't . Im going to arrange for this account to be verified. And love is something worth waiting to discover, no matter how you get to that part of the story. 3. Logging into his fanfiction account, his eyes went wide. While high on painkillers at the hospital, Izuku creates a troll twitter account pretending to be All for One. He quickly closed his browser and purged his cache. His finger trembled over settings, about to delete this account before anyone ever found out what hed done. Ill show them. He commented and turned on the TV, watching whatever was on while making sure to listen out for Izuku. Todoroki-san, hand Midoriya over to Kiminari once hes finished his bottle. She told him and Todoroki gave a stiff nod, seemingly mesmerized by his de-aged classmate. This ruins several of my favorite conspiracies. Signing with a college teamespecially Shotos teammeant hed be stepping into the spotlight with a target on his back. The past eight years were spent with his mother in dodgy hotel rooms deciding where theyd go next, which names they would use, which lies they would tell to stay alive. What would you like to tweet?. You're amazing! People see a boy with All Mights quirk and multiple quirks and completely believe that he must be the test tube baby of All Might and All for One. Command not recognized, his phone replied. No one besides Sensei would know about One for All. This is something that you all need to know how to do. She stated, turning toward Todoroki. People believe what they want to believe, and Ive seen how that creepy doctor looks at my brother. Yoichis grin became diabolical. But what if he meets some people who could be so much more than just Villains? Two lonely souls will crash into each other's life. . But thinking back when that question was raised, Katsuki had nothing to protect him and had to survive on his own reverie. ", Izuku smiled as he closed his laptop. Mind Control! "Seriously, how did you know it was me?" "You two I wouldn't be where I would be if it wasn't for you. "I just- it's really stupid. Karai and Re-Destro ask for All for One's help in attacking the U.A. Izuku was on a high (quite literally). Two in particular - XenomorphQueen and ShiningStars - seemed particularly interested in Deku's relationship with Uravity, with comments such as 'I ship them' and asking when they are going to get together. And the story is really good! He could probably add Shoto, Ochako, and Tsuyu as well, but he didn't want to add too many at once. "Seriously, it's going to take longer for us to get together in your story than it did in real life!". DecayHands says, Sensei, I understand that youre disappointed in us, but please dont air the dirty laundry publicly. You have received a reply to your tweet. Izuku Midoriya didn't know what to expect when he woke up this morning. Spaceman13 replied: Just because they work well together doesn't mean anything! "And she helped us out a lot today! "It worked out in the end though right?" ", "No, you don't get to 'Uraraka' me!" Melissa crossed her arms defiantly. He'd still hang out with his friends, right? feels like wildfire with you. "Conversation?" The events of yesterday rushed back in an opioid-blurred haze. As though he understood the hilarity of the situation, Izuku gave out a loud squeal against Kiminaris shoulder and kicked his legs. Distracted in his thoughts, All for One didnt notice Dr. Garaki sneaking up behind him. Whats wrong with all of you?, Mr. Compress shook his head sadly. Izuku hopes that his new neighbor will make him feel like he's not alone anymore, a companion that he's been seeking for a long time. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he realized that he would have to talk to the girls after dinner. After his encounter with All Might and being told that he cannot be a hero without Quirk, Izuku Midoriya did. Everyone else in here is willing to watch him except you, so you must be scared. Sero mused out in a knowing tone. "I know it'll be harder, but I'd love to date both of you, if you're willing to give it a shot.". "Well, there should be. Apparently with Tensei's injury, adding Tenya to his story was a popular one, and people were hoping that Tenya would live up to his brother's legacy. She turned toward Ochako. That was until his Hell Class started and everything seemed to go downhill from there. "Besides, I remember your comments on that series! As the summer break came to a close, Izuku was in for another surprise - this time a good one. Izuku, now living a peaceful life in Japan ever since defeating All for One, A.K.A his father, at the beginning of his second year, and turning Shigaraki's path to good. "You're going to say that after that speech? But no good memes for my brother. Class 1-A is one of the two hero course classes at Yuuei for the first year. But Sensei had been firm that everyone show up and that he must bring mochi. She had begun to point out all of the inaccuracies in his chapters and stories - inaccuracies Izuku had intentionally put into the story to keep people from figuring out his identity. I hope you like some interruptions cause. But after suppressing his feelings so long, it was difficult to work up the nerve. Nezu: I suspect this twitter account is false. Once he was done he returned to the comments. And so on. Each chapter tells part of the story and often . ILL KILL YOU, HAIR FOR BRAINS! he screeched, the blush taking over his face. "Thank you. I hoped the two of you would get together, and your happiness would be enough for me.". It's insulting! Lately, All for One had been a tad short with Dr. Garaki, even asking him to stop staring so creepily. But Dr. Garaki completely understood whyhis employer must be impatiently waiting for an answer to his confession. as well as UNCLE! he cried out, shielding his face and running back into the kitchen. Izuku would never pretend to be someone else. crossover. "Want to make something for dinner? "S-so, what are we going to do about it?" If we can just pull it off, Ill be satisfied for the rest of my unlife., As Izuku posted his latest tweet, Yoichi cackled maniacally. His thoughts soared at hyperactive speed. Katsuki Bakugo should have learned how to control his sharp-tongue by not commenting on something that he does not see as cool as he is. I came to give you tips on how to make it look even more real., The painkillers were out of Izukus system at this point. Link to FF.net version. All Might: I fell for that once, Im not falling for it again. Tomura had the single worst performance today. But it didntoh! Banjo said with enlightenment. Ochako asked, looking at the other two in confusion. All Might receive a phone call from the United States about someone wanting to talk to Izuku. "Look, you have to promise me you can't tell anyone this, ok? You have reached five thousand, eight hundred, and six followers. The fact that he could make people feel this way about his stories gave him hope that he could make people feel safe and secure as a hero in the future. Link to AO3 version. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE! ), Katsuki laughs. Now he uses its powers to help as many people as he can but doesn't know of the main function, transformation. Why did you think I couldn't look you in the face for a week when you put out the Risa/Uravity series? "I just need to get over it. So as his guardian angel, I gotta askwhy was your son praying so hard for somebody to help him?, (wherein Todoroki Shouto has Hawks as a guardian angel, Tokoyami as a best friend, and Bakugou as something else entirely.). "II don't think I could handle that," Ochako admitted. Izuku couldn't help but smile as he read through the comments. Melissa let out a flustered huff as she crossed her arms. Through science and innovation, he. "I-I liked knowing you felt that way, but Deku". Recovery Girl sat beside the duo-haired teen with a patient smile upon her lips. Karmas gonna come collect your Dept by Dude Epic. You couldn't have been more obvious if you tried.". Kirishima clamped a hand over his mouth and Bakugou whipped his head around in alarm, blushing immediately when he saw that hed been caught. How could I not? Create New. "Mina! I didnt put this story in my Dad for One series because I deliberately left it ambiguous if All for One is Hisashi Midoriya or not. Dr. Garakis heart rate accelerated as All for One entered his laboratory. His story was more popular than ever, and people seemed to love the interpretations of his classmates. Izuku looked at the girl and smiled. He desperately needed to scratch his nose, but his arms wouldnt move. But I'm a coward. In the Not Dad for One AU, All for One launches his fake bomb of evidence at the same time that Izuku develops Black Whip.